Dr. Nathan Schilaty (“Dr. Nate”) is passionate about health, research, and education.  His life mission is to help others understand their miraculous gift of their body, learn principles of nutrition, understand the holistic nature of their health, and allow them through their knowledge to experience greater health and wellness.

He is a licensed Chiropractic Physician, a Professional Applied Kinesiologist, and an Assistant Professor of Physiology.  In addition to his academic accomplishments, he established, operated, and owned a successful chiropractic clinic (Centra Chiropractic) in Loveland, Colorado from 2007-2011. He since has transitioned from that practice into his current wellness business, Circadian Wellness.

Dr. Nate holds the following academic degrees:

Doctorate of Philosophy – Neuroscience
Doctorate of Chiropractic
Bachelor of Science – Health & Wellness
Bachelor of Science – Anatomy
Associate of Science – Chemistry

Dr. Nate believes in lifelong learning.  During his graduate work, he researched addiction, recovery methods, clinical applications of low-level laser therapy, nucleus accumbens hodology, neuromelanin formation from dopamine, and neurofeedback.  He has continued his research in neuromechanics, a merging of biomechanics and neuroscience.

He currently teaches Anatomy & Physiology at Missouri College Online and Biomechanics at Mayo Clinic.

He is married to his sweetheart – together they raise their 5 children which includes 3 energetic boys and 2 beautiful little girls.  When they are together as a family, they like to wrestle, hike, bike, play sports and board games, and tell jokes.