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LabVIEW is a powerful graphical programming language. Nate has performed contract work for various projects in both research and industry. He is available for freelance hire.

Nate is highly proficient in interfacing hardware with easy-to-use software environments.  As a result of his efforts, he has collaborated on numerous projects with his developed software applications:

  • Microsoft Kinect Biomechanical Data Acquisition
  • eMotiv EEG / LabVIEW interfacing
  • EEG post-processing
  • EMG post-processing
  • Automated pneumatic control
  • Biomechanical impact testing
  • Acumed Orthopedic device testing
  • SubSearch EEG with TCP/IP interfacing
  • Concussion Research Device
  • Neurofeedback & Balance
  • Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) & Event-Related Potential (ERP) Analysis for EEG
  • Brain Temperature Recording
  • Electrophysiology recordings for nerve conduction studies
  • PCR calculator
  • Ethanol BAC to mM conversions